Dr. Hasan Ikhwani and Prof. Masdar Hilmy, were selected by the British Embassy, Jakarta, under the Indonesian Islam Discovery Travel Grant to visit key Muslim institutions in the United Kingdom, between 18 October 2016 and 26 October 2016. Dr Hasan Ikhwani is an Islamic scientist, whose major field of research is the “Integration of Quran and Science.” He is currently the Senior Lecturer of the Ocean Engineering Department, Faculty of Marine Technology, The Institute of Technology of Sepuluh Nopember (ITS), Surabaya, Indonesia. Professor Masdar Hilmy is the Vice Director of Postgraduate Programs, the State Islamic University of Sunan Ampel, Surabaya, Indonesia.

Several Islamic institutions were chosen: The Muslim College, London; The London Central Mosque; Markfield Institute of Higher Education (MIHE) and the Islamic Da’wah Academy in Leicester. This program was intended to create a mutually beneficial partnership and collaboration between both institutions in the United Kingdom and Indonesia. It is expected that a MoU may result, and lead to convening joint seminars, conferences, guest lectures and exchange programs in the future. During his visit to MIHE, Professor Masdar presented a contemporary appraisal of the situation of Islam in Indonesia. A considerable number students and senior lecturers of MIHE attended this talk. It is expected that this initial visit will lead to enduring and valuable partnerships between Islamic institutions in the United Kingdom and Indonesia.