Dr Dawud started his work with MIHE in August 2016. He comes with an extensive experience in education, including many years of teaching, training, research and education management. Dr Dauwd has taken over the responsibility for the Islamic Education programme and modules. 

He began working life as a Bridge Designer before moving into University Research in Knowledge Management. Dr Dawud Worked as a School Teacher and Educational Consultant before completing a doctorate in Education from the University of Warwick and also worked as a Director of the Woolf Institute of Abrahamic Faiths where he was the Director of the Centre for the Study of Muslim-Jewish Relations. Dr Dawud worked with many Islamic Schools in the UK and was Headteacher of Mazahirul Uloom London and Andalusia Academy Bristol.

Prior to joining MIHE, Dr Dawud worked as a Research Fellow in Islamic Education at Cambridge Muslim College where he developed a new Education Module for the Diploma course. His research interests focus particularly on The training of school teachers for Islamic institutions. He is also interested in Islamic Psychology for pastoral care, Islamic Leadership of Educational Institutions, Islamic Schools as Learning Organisations, and in Muslim Family Law in the UK.