Dr. Fella Lahmar, Lecturer in Islamic Education and Islamic Studies at the Markfield Institute of Higher Education, attended a conference on the theme “Rethinking Islamic Education in Europe”. This was hosted by the faculty of Islamic Studies, University of Sarajevo; during14-16 September 2017. The conference explored a range of topics related to Islamic education in Europe.

In her presentation, Dr. Lahmar discussed how management of the six Muslim schools in England (that were studied) interpreted Islamic education within the UK context. The research question that her paper focused on was ‘what are the key aspects of Islamic schooling which management of the case-study schools hold to be the most important?’. Her study revealed that moral and social development of pupils were two chief aspects that underpinned Islamic education in the case study schools. Furthermore, Dr Lahmar’s presentation explored the impact of these aspects on matters of curriculum composition and the general ethos of the case study schools.