On Monday 11 November, the Markfield Institute of Higher Education (MIHE) welcomed Ustadha Wifny Yusyifa Subhani to the Institute. Ustadha Wifny is part of a delegation of Indonesian scholars visiting the UK on a fact-finding mission, to learn about Islam in UK, and to share information on the experience of Muslims and Islam in Indonesia. The visit was sponsored by Governor Ridwan Kamil and Government of West Java in Indonesia, supported by the British Council. Ustadha Subhani was accompanied by Paul Salahuddin Armstrong of the Association of British Muslims.

Dr. Parvez thanked the West Java Government, the British Council and the Association of British Muslims for arranging the visit and hoped that UK Islamic scholars would also be able to visit Indonesia to learn and share their experience of Islam in the UK. 

At their meeting, Dr Parvez gave a brief history of MIHE, its objectives and vision for the future, Shaykh Ramadhan (scholar and advisor for MIHE’s BA Islamic programmes) emphasised the great need for Islamic scholars to be equally trained academically to face the new challenges of the 21st century, he also reiterated the great need for unity through diversity at these trouble times. 

Ustadha Subhani also gave a short lecture to students at MIHE beginning with the recitation of the Noble Qur’an. She outlined the history of Indonesia, the culture and religious organisations setup as well as her personnel experiences about being a female Islamic scholar and expressed her gratitude to MIHE for arranging the lecture. Shaykh Ramadhan thanked Ustadha Subhani for her visit and expressed a keen interest of further collaboration for the betterment of the Muslims.