Academic Regulations

Written Assignments

All written assignments must be submitted with the appropriate Cover Sheet (available on Moodle under ‘Further Information for Students’) online via Moodle/ Google Classroom on or before the deadline. Turnitin is an internet-based plagiarism detection service that automatically compares your submitted work to that of any other academic paper, article, book or internet content for similarity. Graded penalties will start applying immediately after 3pm (or the specified time set) on the submission date. All Moodle submissions (with the exception of the Similarity Checker) are FINAL and cannot be undone.


Assignments submitted via email will NOT be accepted and will be recorded as a ‘Non- submission FAIL’ result, unless:


If a student is experiencing issues submitting their work on Moodle, they must send an email with screenshot to and attach their work to it. Email submissions without photo evidence will NOT be accepted, and will be recorded as a ‘Non-submission FAIL’ result.

Rules of Compensated Pass

At levels 4, 5 and 6, if the overall mark for a module is 40% or more, and any one other component of that module is less than 40%, but at least 35% or more, it will be recorded as a Compensated Pass and no re-sit will be allowed.

This rule applies solely to undergraduate programmes of study and does not apply to re-sits. It complies with Newman University’s policy and is reviewed annually.

Reassessment Opportunites

If a student receives a ‘FAIL’ result on one or more assessments, he/she will have two subsequent attempts to re-submit their work during the prescribed reassessment period, according to the relevant Student Calendar (available on Moodle).

If deemed a ‘Pass’, the student’s work will receive a maximum mark of 40% for an undergraduate student and 50% for a postgraduate student.

For each assessment, a student will have a maximum of 3 attempts total.


All Presentations will be taken in the assigned classrooms at the date and time specified, overseen by two markers. The deadline for submitting your PowerPoint presentation slides and notes to Moodle is before the presentation date and time. PowerPoint presentation slides and notes submitted after the presentation has been done will receive graded penalties as outlined below, starting at 5% immediately after the presentation takes place.


The pass mark for a module at levels 4, 5, and 6 is 40%. The pass mark for modules at Level 7 is 50%. A student will pass a module if all items of assessment have been submitted and have achieved the relevant pass mark (or compensated pass – as explained below), with the student clear to proceed to the next stage of their programme of study.

Late Submissions

When the submission deadline is reached the assignment remains open for seven days after the deadline for late submissions. Late submissions would receive a maximum pass mark with penalties applied or if the penalty applied result is below the minimum of 40% for undergraduate modules or 50% for postgraduate modules then the minimum pass mark will apply.

Penalties for late submission are as follows:

1 day late: –    5% marks

2 days late: – 10% marks

3 days late: – 15% marks

4 days late: – 20% marks

5 days late: – 25% marks

6 days late: – 30% marks

7 days late: – 35% marks After: FAIL

Work submitted more than 7 (seven) calendar days late will not be accepted and therefore will be recorded as a ‘Non-submission FAIL’ result.

Graded penalties do not apply to examinations or in-class presentations. Graded penalties also do not apply to late submissions of assessments where extensions have been granted (i.e. Extenuating Circumstances) or re-sits.