Our Staff

Dr. Zahid Parvez


Dr. Zahid Parvez is the Rector of the Markfield Institute of Higher Education and the Head of Quality and Regulatory Compliance. Prior to joining the Institute, Dr Parvez was a Senior Lecturer in Information Management at the University of Wolverhampton Business School for 20 years.  He also served as an external examiner at the University of Wales Trinity Saint David, Hertfordshire University, and also Staffordshire University (for Oman delivery).

Dr. Haroon Bashir

Head of Research and Course Leader in MA Islamic Studies

Dr Haroon Bashir is Head of Islamic Studies at the Markfield Institute of Higher Education. He completed his Ph.D in Islamic Studies at the University of Leeds. His research, funded by the White Rose College of Arts & Humanities (WRoCAH), focused on discourses pertaining to slavery, race, and emancipation within the exegetical and legal traditions of Islam. Prior to this, Dr Bashir read an M.St in the Study of Religion (Dist.) at the University of Oxford and received his B.A in Arabic. & Islamic Studies (I) from the University of Leeds.

Dr. Shaikh Faizal Ahmad Manjoo

Senior Lecturer in Islamic Studies and Finance

Shaikh obtained his BA (Honours) in Islamic Studies, LLB, Diploma in Advanced Labour Law and Diploma in Advanced Banking Law from the University of Johannesburg (ex Rand Afrikaans University). He also has an MA in Islamic Management, Finance and Banking from Loughborough University. Shaikh completed his  PhD on Pension Funds from the University of Gloucestershire in 2019.  He also holds a Post Graduate Certificate in Higher Education from IFS University College. He graduated as an Alim Fadil through the Darse Nizami system from Madrassah Arabia Islamia in South Africa. 

Rahmanara Chowdhury

Course Leader for BA and MA Islam and Pastoral Care

Rahmanara Chowdhury is a Lecturer in Islam and Pastoral Care at the Markfield Institute of Higher Education. She completed her undergraduate studies in Ergonomics at Loughborough University. She has a Masters in Psychology from Nottingham Trent University and is currently completing her PhD at Brunel University London. She has been awarded ESRC funding to explore the issue of domestic violence and abuse within the UK Muslim population. She is the author of ‘Qawwamoon; Protectors and Maintainers’, Ta Ha Publishers.

Dr F. Redhwan Karim

Course Leader for BA Islamic Studies Course

Dr F. Redhwan Karim is a Lecturer in Islamic Studies at the Markfield Institute of Higher Education. He completed his Ph.D under Professor M.A.S Abdel Haleem at SOAS, University of London. His thesis examined the concept of gender relations in the Qur’an. Prior to this, he obtained an M.A in Islamic Studies and a B.A in Arabic and Islamic Studies. He has also studied at various capacities in Egypt, Jordan, Oman and Bosnia. Dr F. Redhwan Karim is a Fellow of Higher Education.

Dr Imran Suddahazai

Head of Islamic Education & Lecturer in Islamic Education

Dr Imran H K Suddahazai is head of the Education program at MIHE and a Visiting Associate Researcher at Lancaster University. After an academic hiatus that entailed senior leadership, management and coaching roles in diverse industries across the world, he completed his doctoral program in educational leadership under the supervision of Dr Sahin from the University of Gloucestershire and MIHE. 

Dr. Mousoon Rafeek

Lecturer in Arabic Studies

Dr Rafeek attained his PhD in Fiqh for Muslim minorities (fiqh al-aqaliyyat) from Porstmouth University in 2012 and has since been teaching Arabic and developing Islamic studies courses at the department of education and training at the Islamic Foundation. He joined MIHE as a lecturer in Islamic Studies and Arabic in 2018. Dr Rafeek completed his ‘Alimiyah training in Jami’ah Naleemiyah in Sri Lanka before coming to the UK, where he completed his BA, MA and PhD studies. In addition, he completed a Certificate in Muslim Chaplaincy.

Ustadha Madiha Khan

Lecturer in Islamic Economics and Finance

Madiha Khan is a lecturer in Islamic Economics and Finance at the Markfield Institute of Higher Education. She completed her undergraduate studies in Actuarial Science and Risk Management from the University of Karachi. She later obtained her MSc. in Islamic Economics, Finance and Management (Dist.) from Newman University and is also an Associate of the Society of Actuaries (ASA). She is a former Risk consultant and holds a keen interest in quantitative data analysis, data modeling and finance.

Ustadh Ricky Bains

Lecturer in Islamic Studies with Arabic

Ricky is a Teaching Fellow at the Markfield Institute of Higher Education. He is currently studying for an MSc in Applied Linguistics for Language Teaching at the University of Oxford after completing his MEd in Islamic Education (Dist) from Newman University. His research interests lie in the area of Pedagogy and Curriculum Development particularly in the context of British Dar al-‘Ulums, with a focus on Arabic Language Learning. Ricky is also Curriculum Lead and Lecturer at the As-Suffa Institute, where he works on academic and course advancement.

Ustadha Ameena Blake

Lecturer in Islamic Studies

Ustadha Ameena Blake joined the MIHE team as a lecturer of BA Islamic Studies in September 2018. She completed her BA (hons) in English Studies from Sheffield Hallam University and undertook a Post Graduate in teaching followed by her MSc in Leadership and Management of Education. As well as working in educational leadership and consultancy, and teaching in mainstream education, she has studied and lectured in a range of Islamic institutions and completed her MA in Islamic Studies at MIHE.

Ustadh Zahed Fettah

Lecturer in Islamic Studies

Zahed Fettah completed his LLB Law degree from the University of Birmingham, a BA in Shari’ah Law from the European Institute of Human Sciences, and an MA in Islamic Studies from Newman University (Markfield Institute). His dissertation discussed the role of weak Hadith in the Hanbali legal school. He then completed two years of specialisation in Usul al-Ifta in the Ḥanafi legal school. His classical Islamic studies were firstly with scholars in the UK, then in Algeria where he studied Tafsir and Hadith at Dar al-Hadith in Oued Souf (Algeria). He holds ijazahs in various books of Aqidah, Hadith, Fiqh, and other Islamic sciences. He is currently a teacher, lecturer, and researcher in Islamic Studies. He has several published articles on legal (Fiqh) issues and other Islamic topics.

Ustadha Fatima Khan

Lecturer in Islam and Pastoral Care

Fatima joined MIHE in 2019 as a Student Support Officer. She completed her BA in Islamic Studies (I), MA in Islam, Pastoral Care and Counselling (Dist.) at MIHE and is now a Doctoral Researcher at Cardiff University. She has become a familiar ally on the campus of the student body, often helping with academic support and the student council. Due to her keen interest in lived experiences; how people of different tendencies perceive the world and what can be done to improve the way one experiences life, she has a particular research interest in pastoral care and disability studies.