Students and staff of the Institute benefit from the on site library which contains over 40,000 books and 420 serials with 85 current journals. Students are able to use University of Leicester Library and De Montfort University Library for reference purposes.


Self-catering accommodation is available on site with separate quarters for men and women. As there are only a limited number of rooms, allocations are made on a first come first served basis.

Prayer Hall

There is an on-campus prayer hall, known as the Markfield Mosque, for students, staff and visitors, open 24 hours a day. An ablution area is conveniently located. The prayer hall can accommodate approximately 200 people (men and women). Jum’a khutbas are conducted by visiting scholars and Institute students and staff.

Support Services

We recognize that many students are coming to a new country, living away from family and friends with the demands placed upon them by their academic studies can experience a variety of challenges. To support their both their well-being and academic achievements so that they can get the most out of their studies, the Institute provides a range of support services.