Health, Safety and Environment

Health and Safety

We want to make sure that you are safe while you are at MIHE. The Admin Office, during induction session will tell you about our health and safety rules and things you must and must not do.

Fire safety

We test the fire alarms regularly, usually every Friday. Your tutor will tell you the difference between a test and a real fire alarm. If you or on campus and hear the fire alarm when it is not being tested, you must leave the building immediately. Walk briskly; do not run. Your tutor or other staff will tell you which door to use. Do not use any lifts. If you cannot use the stairs, your tutor will tell you what to do. Please do not return to the building until your tutor or the fire marshal tells you it is safe.

Where Do I Go If There Is A Fire?

Leave by the nearest fire exit (signposted) and report to your tutor on the lawn in front of MIHE’s building sign. Your tutor will call the register to make sure everyone is safe, so please do not leave the area. Do not go back into MIHE’s building until the fire marshal says it is safe to do so.

Eating and Drinking

Please eat and drink only in the cafeteria. Do not bring food or drinks inside the lecture rooms, to the library or the computer room.

Smoking or Vaping

You must not smoke or vape inside any of the buildings on campus. This is not just MIHE’s rule, it is the law.

The building is for use of both students and staff. Please help to keep MIHE clean and tidy at all times. No food or drink (apart from bottled water) to be consumed anywhere on the premises apart from the designated cafeteria area.

The PhD research room is for use by PhD research students only. The building will be locked daily at 9.00pm. Please ensure you vacate the building by this time.

Disability or Medical Condition

Students can inform MIHE during their interview, when they enrol/on induction, and at any time that they have a disability or on-going medical condition (including a mental health difficulty). This will help MIHE give students the support they need. Such information is kept confidential and MIHE will not divulge this information without a student’s permission. If necessary, reasonable accommodations can be made for students as described in the relevant Assessment of Disabled Students: Procedures for Students section of this handbook. Your health care will be provided by doctors (General Practitioners, known as GPs) located in surgeries close to where you will be living. It is essential that you register with a doctor soon after you arrive.

Personal Insurance

You should insure your personal property against loss or theft as soon as possible after arriving. Banks and other insurance companies also provide insurance for personal possessions and computers. MIHE Management does not take responsibility for loss or damage to personal property.