Student Engagement in Quality Enhancement

MIHE has implemented the following formal mechanisms for students to provide feedback and offer suggestions for enhancing their learning experience

Student Course Representatives

Student Council, are representatives of the student body. Students choose their course representatives, who are then invited to a number of formal meetings for their input and feedback on modules, courses, and the Institute’s facilities and support services. Student representatives are briefed on their responsibilities and are encouraged to bring students issues to the attention of senior management of the Institute through formal structures. They are also invited to attend Academic Boards, where a review of all courses takes place. Student course representatives also become members of the Students Council, which acts as a students’ voice at the Institute. You can contact the student council by email


Staff/Student Consultative Meetings

This is held once per Academic Year. All students are invited to these meetings. Students have an opportunity to discuss institutional level issues related to IT and library facilities, social events, time-tabling, general issues of assessments, deadlines, special workshops required to support learning, etc.

End of Module Evaluation

This provides an opportunity for teachers and students to reflect on how modules are delivered and for students to provide feedback on a module’s management, resources, content, delivery and assessment. It also provides academic staff with an opportunity to reflect on student feedback and make any changes required in an effort to enhance students’ learning experience.

Course Committee Meetings

These take place once per Academic Year. Students have an opportunity to discuss course issues with course leaders as well as comments from external examiners. The qualitative feedback and statistical data for modules and courses gathered through the module feedback and course committees is reflected on by course leaders and included in their response in Annual Monitoring reports (including annual programme reviews).Course leaders will lead the discussions and can be contacted by email.

Dinner with the Rector

This is held once per Academic Year. All students are invited to this informal dinner with the Rector Dr Zahid Parvez for a discussion. It is an opportunity to engage with the most senior staff member on campus. In all student affairs processes must be followed but on this occasion you may go straight to the top!